Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Which city the treatment would be conducted ?

A) Mumbai - the financial and medical capital of India

Q) Can the treatment be performed in any other cities ?

A) Yes. As there are many cities in India which have modern and established medical facilities.

Q) Who will take care of the travel arrangement from the time we land in India ?

A) Hospicon would be responsible for all the travel arrangement, as we have collaboration with the best of travel companies all around the country.

Q) What are the different types of surgery and medical care it can be performed through Hospicon?

A) We can help you in all kind of treatment, minor or major, dental to cardiac. For more detail please look at our Medical Treatment section.

Q) Can I have treatment at any dates suiting myself?

A) Mostly probably Yes. Otherwise we can preplan the date and consultant according to your requirement.

Q) Can I pay for the treatment through the medical insurance I have?

A) Yes. Most of the insurance is valid in India. You need to clarify with your Insurance agent.

Q) Can I pay for the treatment with my personal money. Do you accept my country's currency?

A) Yes we accept all currency.

Q) Do you assure the treatment results?

A) No Health Treatment results across the globe would provide you guarantee, but with such Hi-Tec facilities and experience surgeons we are confident of successful results, and you would go home happily.

Q) How can I book my Medical Treatment in India?

A) There is various way of booking your treatment. The easiest way to book is online as our web portal is 24 hours. You can also send email of any query through our customer service department.

Q) Which are the travel destinations in India?

A) After your quick recovery from your medical treatment, there are many exotic and beautiful holiday destinations in India, which would be taken care by our Travel India Team.

Q) Will I be picked up from the Airport?

A) Yes. You would be taken care straight from the Airport.

Q) How affording is the treatment?

A) You can see our Comparison of Price section. We can assure you that it is relatively cheaper than you would pay in the western world.

Q) What is the procedure to obtain a visa to India?

A) It is relatively easy to procure a visa to India. You can obtain a visa from the Indian Embassy in your country.