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Feasibility Study report of healthcare Management project

Professionals at Hospicon will assess the market, economies, available infrastructure, prevailing socio-economic conditions, government policies, facilities available as well as the existing bottle necks. Based on the facts and figures availed from market research, a project Feasibility report will be prepared.

The objective of a feasibility study is to find out whether a healthcare management project can be done and to brainstorm alternative solutions to make it happen.

A feasibility study should provide management with enough information to decide:


Whether the project can be done


Whether the final product will benefit its intended users


What are the alternatives among which a solution will be chosen (during subsequent phases)


Whether there exists a preferred alternatives

The feasibility report will consist of financial investment data, technical data, HR consideration and (ROI) Return on Investment of the Hospital planning project. It will be made as dynamic as possible which would not hamper the project if any last minute changes or new incorporations are made. The report is prepared in close consultation with our clients.

A business plan has a critical importance in healthcare management, but they procrastinate by saying that they know their project and they have done their homework. It is true that the market scenario changes for a hospital planning project quite fast, however entrepreneurs and investors should not rush into New Investment without planning one.


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