Why Hospicon

Our aim as Healthcare Consultants is understanding the needs of our client.

We interact continuously with our clients at every stage of the project as we truly believe that their input to the final outcome is invaluable.

This enables us to deliver an institute that reflects the client’s vision.

We believe in an honest and transparent working relationship with our client. We also believe in complete involvement to the cause, hard work, and keeping the goal of the client in mind at all times.




  • Expertise of nearly 3 decades in the healthcare industry.
  • Team of young dynamic professionals with immense knowledge & experience in their respective field of work.
  • Continuous client engagement and involvement.
  • Thorough professional and personalised approach to adequately address specific needs of the client.
  • Knowledge on all aspects of hospital planning, management consultancy, acquisition and mergers.
  • Eminent medical professionals available at our request for consultation.
  • Completion of project within the stipulated cost and time.


We manage a wide range of healthcare turnkey operation services to benefit our clients.

We do a complete designing for our client’s project, right from the conceptual level to the final phase of completion. This includes concept designing, space planning and architectural work.

  • Planning of the medical infrastructure, including the procurement of the required equipment, instruments, and other consumables will be taken care of by us.
  • Planning for the recruitment of doctors and allied staff.
  • Assisting in identifying right vendors.
  • Assisting the architect with planning of various departments.
  • Planning the initial marketing strategy and sales operations.
  • Branding services right from the logo creation and the other supportive promotional activities like website designing, stationary creation/
  • Fix the revenue targets for the first three years.
  • Finalizing the financial planning and targets and thus implementing various cost saving measures.
  • Drafting a proper pricing structure for all the branches of medicine.
  • Assisting in setting up laboratory, radiology, and diagnostic services.
  • Setting up various services like the pharmacy, outpatient, and inpatient services.


Hence, HOSPICON leads in hospital consultancy with national and international experience, providing an enormous variety of services for new hospital projects and modifying the currently existing ones.

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