Hospital Feasibility Study Report

A Feasibility Study Report is a business plan for a specific project. It provides the rationale and the support for that rationale to pursue a specific project from the feasibility phase, pre-construction, construction and occupancy through investment and technical management.

The objectives of a feasibility study is to find out whether an information system project can be done ( it possible? it justified?) and to suggest possible alternative solutions.

A feasibility study should provide management with enough information to decide:

  1. Whether the project can be done
  2. Whether the final product will benefit its intended users
  3. What are the alternatives among which a solution will be chosen (during subsequent phases)
  4. Whether there exists a preferred alternative

A feasibility report is dynamic integration of financial investment, technical data, HR considerations and thorough output with return on investment (ROI) consideration in the project. It should be as dynamic as possible to incorporate any change to assumptions or to incorporate new information. As a result, all assumptions made and specified in the Feasibility Study are meticulously documented. The report is prepared in close consultation with our client (in addition to an architect, construction consultant and others) since some of the work included in the report most likely has already been completed by the client.

Despite the critical importance of a business plan, many Entrepreneurs and companies procrastinate when it comes to preparing a written business plan document. They argue that they know their project and they have done their homework. Some also feel that their marketplace changes too fast for a feasibility plan to be useful or that they just do not have enough time. However, Entrepreneurs and Investors should not rush into new investments without a plan or a Feasibility Report.