Based on our experience, we can help you in selecting the property for your project, in case you need assistance for the same.

Site is a very important factor for, upon the suitability of it, will depend the hospital’s fate and utility in future.


  • The planning team will choose the site for the hospital.
  • This is optional and will mainly be based on the market survey and budget of the client.
  • With increasing demand on hospital beds, planning for expansion at a future date should always be kept in mind right at the outset while choosing the site.
  • Accessibility is the most striking need the location must be within easy reach of the users. This choice means that the hospital does not belong to an empty, uninhabited office area, but in a living and habitable city centre.
  • Three other important considerations in site selection are the availability of water supply, sewage disposal system and electric power.


Multiple factors have to be taken into consideration when selecting a land for Hospital. Our team shall play a vital role in helping you adjudicate a location.