Hospital Project Planning and Building


Hospital planning needs to be proceeded in an orderly manner. Our panel of expert and qualified "Planning and Designing" Team consist of Hospital Promoters, administrator, Advisor, Qualified Architect, Professional Hospital Interior Designers, Hospital consultants and Structural Engineers.

This Team makes the preliminary hospital marketing plan for the Healthcare Centers which are divided into:

Planning Hospital
  1. Area scrutiny
  2. Estimation of capital
  3. Estimation of service requirement
  4. Preparation of layout option

The Hospicon Planning Program broadly covers the following areas:

  1. The Master Plan
  2. External Circulation Routes Plan
  3. Internal Circulation Routes Plan
  4. Hospital Zoning Plan
  5. Light and Color Plan
  6. Complex Structure Building
  7. Drainage and Sanitation Construction
  8. Air-conditioning
  9. Water Supply
  10. Gas Supply
  11. Communication & I.T

Simultaneously performed activities are:

  1. Liaison with all Agencies viz. Architects / contractors / equipment vendors / utility service consultants.
  2. Expert management of any major changes in original project plans.
  3. On site supervision while the structure is under construction.
  4. Guidance and supervision of electrical wiring in various departments, plumbing facilities, planning UPS requirements of the departments etc.
  5. The construction is carried out as per the layout selected by the user. The user can also suggest modifications in the layouts as per his requirement.

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