Hospital Project Viability

Feasibilty Report Based on Market Survey:

Our qualified field workers will prepare this report in order to help the promoter determine the objectives of his project with clarity, i.e.

  1. The type of services to be provided- secondary care / tertiary care
  2. Sophistication in building plan and equipments
  3. Investments & returns he is looking for

The feasibility report shall bring out the following:

  1. The potential of the planned institution
  2. The medical facilities that are lacking and need to be made available
  3. The migration pattern of patients
  4. Competition from existing hospitals and new entrants

Based on the above observations and findings, a detailed project report will be prepared, with following objectives:

  1. To recommend required medical departments
  2. To recommend required medical equipment
  3. To determine required human resources
  4. To project financial performance of a specific period of operation
  5. To arrive at a completion date
  6. To plan future expansion